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A Brief Encounter

Men, getting ready to go out we put a lot of thought into what we wear, how we look, our hair style, our after shave. But do we put as much thought and effort into our underwear selection? If you don’t you probably should! From boxers to briefs, and jocks to thongs there’s a whole host of styles to choose from and if you don’t particularly care, I’ll tell you now women do, so we went to our own gorgeous Playgirls to find out what they look for in a man’s underwear drawer to give you a bit of advice!

Before we look at different options, every one of our London escorts agreed - Avoid tacky. Whilst receiving a pair of cartoon boxers from your co-workers as a secret Santa gift at Christmas might be a right laugh, be under no illusion, they should never ever be worn out. The last thing a woman wants is to find Homer Simpson’s face round your privates! Now that’s out the way we can talk about style and we’ll start with thongs; unless you’re a stripper we might suggest avoiding them! They probably don’t look as sexy as you think they do, and unless you’ve got a figure like Channing Tatum in Magic Mike it would be more wrong than thong.

So then boxers or briefs? When it came to our own Playgirls escorts they were split down the middle. Briefs are a classic and will probably always remain so and are probably the most supportive of all the styles, excluding jockstraps, but then again we’re talking about dates not playing rugby. Boxers, loose fitting ones especially might be comfortable to sleep in but can be too baggy for day to day wear. The boxer brief then is a great middle ground. Combining the best of the two and available in almost unlimited colours designs and cuts our Playgirl Escorts think it’s the underwear of choice for today’s modern man!  

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