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Let in the light

Is there anything more romantic than watching the sunset? Sat on a hillside, watching the last rays of light from a beautiful day disappear beneath the horizon, the sky filled with deep orange, red and yellow hues. Wait though, I hear you say. What about the sunrise? Getting up early before the day has begun, the start of something new and fresh, a clear sky filled with crisp blues, and pinks before bursting into light. The debate over which is more beautiful has been going on almost as long as we&rs

24 October 2016

A banging Bossa Nova

Well the Olympics are well and truly in fully swing over in Rio de Janeiro so we think this is the perfect opportunity to get involved in some South American activities. Although we may not have any Brazilian escorts at Playgirls Escorts quite yet, that doesn’t mean our gorgeous girls don’t look just as good in a bikini! While we’re not suggesting you run any marathons or take to the pommel horse in the short term why not indulge book one of our Playgirls Escorts and engage in some

21 October 2016

Plus One

Weddings! Just the mention of the word is enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine, especially if it’s your own. Yet even other people’s weddings can send the most sensible men into panic mode. We’ve all been there, you get an invitation through the post, whether it be to the ceremony or just the reception there’s your name and the dreaded “plus one”. They’ve added that there out of courtesy of course, they know you’re not seeing anyone but they

20 October 2016

Choosing your girl

We’re all about diversity here at Playgirls Escorts. We believe that when selecting an escort, you should have as much choice as possible. Everyone likes different things and we are confident that we have a Playgirl for everyone. Though we can all agree different tastes aside we all like great value for money, easy booking and great customer service! So when it comes to selecting which Playgirl is for you we want to make that process as easy for you as possible. So it doesn’t matter if yo

19 October 2016

Dining for two

Someone once said the next best thing to eating food is talking about it. So whilst we cannot provide you with a 3 course meal now we can delve into some of the things that make eating out in London a real treat, a treat that can only be improved when dining with one of our beautiful Playgirls. London and the home counties boast some of the best dining restaurants in the world (We’re not biased, we promise) with every cuisine you can imagine on offer and because you should never dine alone Play

18 October 2016

Hotel or Hostel?

If you’re a visitor to the capital what influences where you stay? Is it location, no. of stars, online reviews or “the name”. Within London and the home counties there are thousands of possibilities so choosing one suitable for you visit can be sometimes tricky! A lot trickier than choosing a one of our escorts to spend your time with, all of which operate on an outcall only policy so will always come to you know matter where you’re staying in London and the home counties. So

17 October 2016

Kick off

When you’re thinking about how to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon a local football match could be quite near the top of your list, especially if you support one of the many teams in and around the capital. Whether you’re in North London looking to visit Arsenal or Tottenham, or paying a visit to Crystal Palace or Charlton Athletic south of the river why not choose to spend your day cheering your favourite team on with one of your favourite Playgirls escorts? The start of the new foo

14 October 2016

Make mine a double!

When you book a Playgirls Escort you will most likely think carefully about where you want to spend your time. You might choose a fine restaurant or a trendy bar but do you put as much time into deciding what to drink? There has never been a better time in London to experience some world class cocktails with new inventions and updated classics being showcased in a variety of bars all over the capital so we decided to ask some of our own beautiful escort girls what cocktails they like to drink on a

13 October 2016

First Steps

If you’re reading this blog, then you probably haven’t arrived at Playgirls Escorts by accident. Whether this is your first time looking at booking an escort or you are one of our valued customers you most likely would have asked yourself the question at one time or another “Why do I need an escort?” Well, a Playgirls escort can be a perfect accompaniment for a host of social occasions. Whether you’re looking for someone to take to a work’s dinner, a graduation bal

12 October 2016

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