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Stratford Escorts

About Stratford & Stratford Escorts

Stratford escorts are girls like any other, with elegance and class they are a true example of the town they live in. Stratford is a great town with history buried deep into it. It's the home of the very famous William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway. Back then Stratford would have been a town with class and it has kept that trait all the way to the present day. This gives the town character and a certain charm like no other. It sits in the West Midlands near Warwickshire. 

What Stratford has to offer

There is a lot this town offers and of course it can all be tailored to what you like, whether you're a party person or a relaxed one, this town will certainly accommodate well for whatever you have planned. The Royal Shakespeare Theatre hosts a variety of plays by the Royal Shakespeare Company dedicated to the famous William himself. These plays are rated well and can be the perfect date for a classy companion of your choice. Anyone who appreciates theatre will surely appreciate this especially our Stratford Escorts. Stratford night life is a collection of warm hearty pubs for those who enjoy a drink and a laugh, for example The Ye Olde Black Bull is a popular and well rated pub, with a casual atmosphere and friendly locals it can be a warm and welcoming place to sit and enjoy the company of your beautiful Stratford escort. On the other hand the Stratford Alehouse brings a welcoming feeling and also bring a lively atmosphere to its customers with bar games and live music throughout the night for those who enjoy it. Our Stratford escorts certainly do. Although some of us don't enjoy pub food all that well, so now I will discuss the restaurants Stratford has to offer.

Restaurants & Cuisine

The first recommendation must certainly be the II Moro Cucina Sarda with 10 people rating it 5 stars it is by far the best restaurant in Stratford with an over all rating of 4.8  it has proven it has class and a sophistication like no other restaurant. It is a casual but refined dining room for simple Sardinian flavour combinations and a pre-theatre menu, bringing all that together it is a gorgeous restaurant with huge amounts of character, which can be a lovely place to have a dinner date with one of our Stratford escorts. There is plenty more Stratford can offer, for example The El Greco restaurant is a Greek meze bar that serves the finest Greek food in Stratford, giving customers the freedom of choice when dining out in this characterful town. The restaurant itself is 2-storey with contemporary monochrome interiors. Giving this restaurant a unique feel and will definitely put a smile on your face and your escorts too. 


When out on a date with one of our beautiful Stratford escorts it is common for people to want good accommodation for when the night is over, there are many Premier Inn's scattered throughout the town which can also provide food. Although most will want the best Stratford can offer and our classy escorts will enjoy that too. With this being said I'd like to recommend Shakespeare's View which is a 5 star (4.8) hotel on the outskirts of Stratford. It is a small cottage like hotel which has outstanding quality of service with amazing character in every detail. This can become a perfect get away for you and your Stratford escort and can leave you feeling well looked after. 


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