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Albury Escorts

Close to Guildford town centre, Albury is a quaint English village where one would not be surprised to find men in their whites playing cricket on the village green, which indeed they do on a Sunday afternoon in the summer. There is some beautiful countryside with beautiful views to be enjoyed however the only blight on the landscape is the large landfill site, one of two in Surrey although this is at least 1 mile away from any homes and inhabitants. Our Surrey escorts are always more than happy to visit clients in any of these villages and whilst in the outlying cottages there is great demand for home visits, most Albury residents tend to enjoy their trysts in the hotels of the nearby Guildford town. At just 6 miles away it only takes a few minutes to get into town and to one fo the many hotels in the area. Here, in relative peace and quiet you can enjoy a sensual and erotic encounter with any of our Surrey escorts.

Our Surrey escorts tend not to be local girls, indeed at Playgirls-escorts we have a few Eastern European and South American stunners promoted alongside our British escorts. This adds to the exotic nature of our beauties and our gentlemen clients in Surrey do seem to appreciate this however we always have at least a few british escorts who will always be more than happy to visit clients in the idyllic countryside of Surrey as an when required.

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