Weekend nights were made for indulgence and celebration. With trendy gastropubs and delectable farm-to-table dining options scattered throughout Hertfordshire, who better to share these experiences with than a special someone? Because there’s been an explosion of couples activities in Hertfordshire in the past five years, we compiled a list of the best (and most exclusive) dining experiences for you, no matter the occasion.


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If you’re looking to dazzle a striking young woman and enjoy a memorable night in Hertfordshire, we have just some recommendations that will guarantee an unforgettable evening.

For Supper

Hertfordshire boasts some of the most visually stunning gastropubs and steakhouses with divine cuisine. If you are looking to experience delicious food with an impeccable atmosphere, here are our top picks for suppertime dining for two.

Alban’s Well

You’re sure to recognize the signature golden wings hanging at Alban’s Well on St. Peter’s Street. It’s the dining experience that will linger on your lips like a flirtatious kiss. Their unique menu is curated by their head chef, Sarah. Her style is inspired by fresh ingredients and sustainability. 


We love her reinvention of classic British cuisine, elevating lamb hotpot to new heights and sending your tastebuds soaring. Her menu offers plenty of meat options—we still can’t decide whether to recommend the pan-roasted trout or the braised short rib atop a decadent butternut squash puree—and there are plant-based options as well. 

The Orange Tree

Just a short drive from the centre of Sawbridgeworth, The Orange Tree is an unassuming beacon nestled in the English countryside. Don’t be deceived by its homey and cosy exterior—the Orange Tree is home to world-renowned chef Gareth Davis whose menu breathes new life into modern fine dining and elevates British pub classics.


Chef Davis and his team cultivate fresh ingredients with daily trips to local farms and butchers, hand-selecting the freshest and finest ingredients the English countryside has to offer. We recommend ordering off their daily specials board if you crave fresh seafood.


If you appreciate a perfect steak, Wednesday is steak night at The Orange Tree. Their chateaubriand is the perfect date night special, leaving just enough room for you and your guest to split a dessert or order some of their flavourful sides.

St. James

St. James is a modern restaurant that is sure to leave a lasting impression on food enthusiasts. Their dining hall is classically sophisticated, with modern finishings accented with red brick walls. You’ll forget you’re in Hertfordshire and feel transported to a chic restaurant in New York City or London.

From freshly baked bread to delectable seared scallops, the St. James restaurant offers only the freshest ingredients with hand-selected wine pairings from head chef, Marco Angelilli. This Italian native trained in Switzerland and France to hone his skills and palate. He then worked in Chicago, New York, and London until finally finding his inspiration in Hertfordshire. 


For Drinks and Desserts

The night doesn’t have to end after supper. Grab an evening nightcap at any of these sultry locations offering rich desserts and inspiring cocktails.

The Hummingbird

Known for its signature pink exterior and billowing cherry blossom trees, The Hummingbird is a perfectly flirtatious way to end your evening. We are transported to a land of fantastical and sophisticated imagery, from floating plants to dazzling pineapple-shaped chandeliers. 

If the interior isn’t enough to dazzle you and your guest, we recommend splitting their rich cheese plate with a glass from their expansive wine list. Sweet tooth? We are obsessed with their velvety cherry and chocolate cheesecake. Their cocktail menu is divided by aperitif, floral, fragrant, fruity, feisty, and fresh so you’re never left wondering what to expect.

Saffron Lounge at Chez Mumtaj

Chez Mumtaj’s Saffron Lounge is the perfect way to end your date on a sultry note. Rich mahogany panelled walls and luxurious leather banquettes give this lounge the warm seductive energy you crave on a romantic night out. This sumptuous bar boasts an extensive wine and whiskey collection, with an Asian tapas food bar to settle any post-dinner cravings. Of course, allow your guest to satisfy your post-dinner desires for riveting conversation and enjoyable memories.


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