Hertfordshire boasts stunning locations, perfect for everything from enjoying nature to inspiring your inner athlete (with a cocktail in hand, of course). However, enjoying the delights of this beautiful southern county alone creates a lingering cloud above everything you do. Luckily, companionship in Hertfordshire isn’t difficult to come by.

If you’re seeking a couple’s day out in Hertfordshire, but longing for a special someone to bring along, Playgirls has the connections you’re looking for. While there’s certainly nothing shameful about booking a spa day for yourself, a companion elevates the experience. Multiple studies show that when you engage in activities with another, your brain releases more endorphins, sparking a heightened sensation of enjoyment.

While you don’t need to be committed to enjoy the best restaurants for couples in Hertfordshire, having company can increase your satisfaction with the experience. Of course, it never hurts if you find your company striking. If you’re looking to enjoy the best of Hertfordshire with a cheeky accomplice, Playgirls has recommendations for outings and company.

For Nature Lovers

Who said a day of delight couldn’t be a walk in the park? Here are our recommendations for couples looking to take advantage of fresh air and stunning locales:

Cassiobury Park

Once the rain clouds drift away, dazzle your date with the whimsical nature of Cassiobury Park. This park was awarded the Green Flag Award and hosts two adorable cafes, tennis courts, a croquet club, and more. Do more than stroll by the romantic paddling pools—take a boat ride or observe the beauty of sunlight reaching between green leaves over a cup of tea.

Hitchin Lavender

This quaint family-owned and family-operated farm hosts the most stunning, endless stretches of lavender. From mid-June to mid-July, you and your guest can enjoy one of the most Instagrammable spots in Hertfordshire. During the summer and autumn months, the lavender falls out of bloom just in time for golden sunflowers to stretch above you. This is the perfect spot to collect fresh bouquets and dazzle a young lady in your life.

For the Competitive Heart

Nothing gets the blood rushing more than a little healthy competition with a companion who already gets your heart racing. If you’re up for playful banter and adrenaline, here are our picks for Hertfordshire.

Drift Limits

Drift Limits Motorsports Academy is a racing venue that offers supercar experiences. It’s a slight trip out to Hemel Hempstead, but worth the trek to gear up like a professional driver and put your pedal to the metal. Flash a cheeky grin at your date from under your motor helmet before revving your engines for a mind-blowing experience.

Top Golf

Golfing experts and novices alike will have a blast at Top Golf in Watford, which takes the fun of a bowling alley and merges it with your favourite driving range. Teach your date how to tee up (or book a companion with more golfing experience and the banter to prove it) while enjoying refreshing beverages and savoury nibbles without the need of walking the course for hours and hours.

For a Refresh at Champneys Tring

After strolls in the park, stunts on the racetrack, or even after a long week of work, you can relax and unwind with a refreshing experience at Britain’s first health spa.

Champneys Tring originally started in 1925 as the brainchild of an eccentric naturopath, Stanley Leif. Since its founding, Champneys Tring has evolved into one of the most stunning spas, offering both modern and traditional spa treatments. Whether you and your lady want to stargaze in the jacuzzi or melt into a sensual couple’s massage, Champneys Tring has everything you need for a full day or just a few hours at a spa.

Unforgettable Dates Ahead

Hertfordshire offers endless natural beauty, adrenaline-boosting activities, and indulging treatments that melt the stress away. Enjoy the delights of Hertfordshire hand-in-hand with someone eager to explore with you and create unforgettable memories. Playgirls will connect you with the perfect guest within forty-five minutes so you can relish the joys of Hertfordshire with a partner!