Bedford is a beautiful, vibrant city situated in the heart of Bedfordshire in Eastern England. It was first inhabited in the Roman era and has a very rich history. Today, it is home to a diverse community and has adopted a cosmopolitan culture. It’s incredibly diverse, with a growing number of its residents hailing from Asian, Italian, and Eastern European origin. The town of Bedford offers countless attractions for locals and tourists alike. 


These attractions are best enjoyed with a companion. Short notice? Last-minute cancellations? This is where professional companions–or escorts–come in.


In what country is escorting legal? If you’re after some romance and want to use an escort service in Bedford, you can rest assured that these services are legal in the United Kingdom (save for Northern Ireland). There are many benefits for using an escort service in Bedford, including a companion to enjoy the sights with. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite ideas in Bedford.


Romantic Walks


One of the most romantic experiences two people can share is a scenic stroll, locking hands, and taking in the scenery around you. It’s an opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of life and wander in tranquillity with someone special. Bedford has a rich choice when it comes to places to enjoy a romantic walk. 


The Embankment is a beautiful walk filled with wildlife and there are usually rowers and fishermen along the river. Another great location is Priory Country Park, a 360-acre green space rich with wildlife. Here, you can stroll past lakes and get lost in majestic woodlands. 


There is also boating, fishing, and even bird watching available if you want to make your trek a little more adventurous. If you’re looking for a shorter stroll, then Bedford Park is a perfect spot, with its picturesque gardens and tranquil atmosphere.


Paddle Boating on the River Ouse


For those who prefer their dates to be more active and adventurous, why not take your partner for a paddle boat ride on the River Ouse? Book a paddle boat so you and your darling can enjoy the scenery from the river. This really is a unique way to have a memorable date in Bedford.


Art Exhibitions at Bedford Gallery


Art lovers will have a fabulous time at the Bedford Gallery, which has a range of exhibitions all year round. The gallery showcases emerging and established artists from all over the globe, wowing patrons and exposing them to a new art scene. The gallery also hosts regular events, such as art talks and workshops, which makes for a fun and educational date experience.


Wine Tasting at Woburn Abbey Vineyard


For wine enthusiasts, a wine tasting session at the Woburn Abbey Vineyard is a must. This vineyard is just a short drive away from Bedford and offers one of the most delectable wine tasting experiences in the region. 


You’ll try a variety of wines and learn about the art of wine-making from professional connoisseurs. The vineyard also offers tours of the estate, which includes the beautiful 18th-century gardens and deer park.


Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Bedfordshire


For a truly unforgettable experience, take your date on a hot air balloon ride over Bedfordshire. There are a number of companies that offer hot air balloon rides that set off from various locations close to Bedford. 


This will certainly bring the ‘wow factor’ to any date. As you cruise high above the countryside, you’ll be afforded the most privileged panoramic views of the county. This is a unique and exciting date idea that is sure to impress.


Afternoon Tea at the Swan Hotel


Sometimes, simplicity is best–so, if you’re looking for a more traditional date idea, why not have afternoon tea at the Swan Hotel? This historic hotel has a charming tea room where you can enjoy an array of delicious pastries, sandwiches, and tea. The rooms are elegantly decorated, creating a cosy atmosphere that is perfect for a romantic afternoon tea date.


Closing Thoughts


Bedford is a great town that offers a wide range of exciting dating options. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing afternoon taking in stunning British countryside, or are looking to spike your adrenaline a little, you’ll find plenty of great dating ideas in Bedford that can be enjoyed in the company of an escort!