Hiring an escort is an ideal option for those tired of navigating the question, “How do I find someone to date in person?” It’s a great alternative to dating because it ensures intimacy without commitment. But outside of the time you spend with an independent escort in Essex, the experience is ultimately a transaction—one that requires payment. Bringing this up might feel awkward, but it’s part of the experience, and it helps to get it out of the way before your time so that you can enjoy yourself. 

This is why it’s best, and customary, to pay an escort before your session. Not only does it protect the escort, but it also ensures that you have a more carefree time together in romantic places in Essex–without anything else hanging over your head.

How to Pay an Escort

Paying an escort is pretty straightforward, and it follows the basic payment process of most transactions. Usually, it starts with a quote or bill based on the time and services that you’re booking, along with other fees. These usually come with payment instructions and terms, which tell you how your escort accepts payments.

Most escorts, and escort agencies, take cash or bank transfer. If you’re booking through Playgirls, the same is true, but you can also pay using either UK pounds, US dollars, or euros. Payments are typically done before the date, with any additional time or services paid after. If you’re going to leave a tip, this is also usually done before you part ways with your escort.

The Dos and Don’ts of Hiring an Escort

Aside from payment, there are a couple of things about hiring an escort and spending time with them that people aren’t sure how to deal with. To help you have a great time with your escort from Playgirls, here’s a list of dos and don’ts to follow:

Do Book From a Trustworthy Agency

Escorts usually advertise their services on escort agency directories or other online platforms. If you’re booking through an agency like Playgirls, you can rest assured that you’ll get girls who’ve been vetted and who can offer a true girlfriend experience.

Do Prepare

Escorts will appreciate it if you come prepared for your session. They make the effort to look good for you, so the least you can do is tidy up yourself, too. Take a shower, put on respectable clothes, and wear comfortable cologne.

Do Ask If You’re Not Sure

There are unwritten rules in the world of escorts and it can be tricky to know what’s okay and what’s unacceptable. If you’re not sure, don’t hesitate to ask. Escorts have dealt with a lot of clients and varied experiences, and they can help you navigate these waters more comfortably to make sure you have the best time.

Don’t Demand Extra Services

Escorts usually advertise their services, which are often what they’re comfortable offering clients. Never demand anything extra that wasn’t listed or discussed during the booking. If you want something more, you can ask politely if your escort is open to providing additional services (though do expect to pay extra).

Don’t Extend Without Paying

You may be enjoying yourself with your escort and would like to spend a bit more time with them. If so, be ready to pay for it. Most escorts won’t have a problem with extending as long as it’s paid accordingly and they don’t have another appointment. 

Don’t Be Disrespectful

While you pay for the time to be with your escort, that doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to be rude to them. They’re also human and can only tolerate certain disrespectful behaviours to a limit. Avoid shouting, abusive actions, or pressuring or intimidating an escort in any way. It ruins the date, and you might find yourself blacklisted by the escort or the service as a whole.

Ready to Book an Escort?

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