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Nothing is more romantic than a city surrounded by water like Barking. Barking Point (postcode IG11), in particular, is on the River Thames, with River Roding wrapping around the east side of the city, and Mayes Brook covering the north end. Between this triad of rippling blue beauty are plenty of green spaces and parks, which are ideal for strolling hand-in-hand with someone special.

We all have the urge to enjoy the beauty the world has to offer. Whether you’re out of your element and passing through Barking, or find yourself suddenly with more free time and fewer people to call on a moment’s notice, you want to explore. You deserve memorable ventures that leave you satisfied. In Barking, you don’t need to enjoy a riverside promenade alone, as our Barking escorts are here to provide much-needed companionship. 

Need a date to an event or companionship last minute? Playgirls offers call girls in Essex, including escorts in Barking and escorts in Brentwood. By booking a professional companion for the evening, you’re guaranteed a perfect date without compromise. The modern dating scene is plagued with deceptive bots on apps, or scammers looking to phish for your information. 

With a professional Barking escort, you experience the real deal: a beautiful woman with the humour and banter to match. You’ll feel the spark and enjoy an evening of connection unparalleled by any other romance service.

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Two’s Company, But the More the Merrier

At Playgirls, our clients are spoiled for choice when it comes to booking an escort in Barking or any other city in Essex. Just like our Harlow escorts, our Barking escorts are stunning, open-minded, and eager to meet you. From exotic beauties to charming English ladies, you have endless choices to find a woman who matches your dreams and desires.

But what if you want a little sugar and a little spice? What if you can’t choose between a flirty blonde with a wild streak or a sophisticated brunette with a mysterious allure? That’s why we offer Duo Escort services!

What Are Duo Escort Services?

Rather than booking time with just one of our captivating belles, why not choose a pair? Our Duo services pair you up with our gorgeous bisexual escorts for a night of intrigue and fun. These services are exclusive to our truly bisexual companions, ensuring they love the additional company as much as you do.

We pair our Duos based on our escorts’ preferences. That’s right, when you book a Duo Service, you are guaranteed that these ladies already feel the spark and electricity with one another and are ready to add you in on the fun. These ladies have chemistry that’s impossible to deny, while providing you the opportunity to explore your attraction to each.

Our Duo services are available at all booking hours listed on our website, and we clearly designate which escorts are available for Duo bookings as well as Solo dates. Have a lovely lady on each arm as you walk into the club or have the perfect number of stargazers for a nighttime picnic at Barking Park. 

What Are the Benefits of a Duo Service?

We know that two’s company and three’s a party—and what’s wrong with that? If you want to take your night to the next level and sacrifice nothing for the perfect night, our Duo Services are for you. Let’s explore a few of the many benefits of Duo Services through Playgirls.

Flexible Fun

As experts in companionship and the art of seduction, all of our professional escorts know your fantasies inside and out. However, each escort has her own distinct skillset, personality, and beauty type to intrigue and excite you. With a Duo date, you don’t have to lock down just one preference or plan for the night.

Because our ladies offering Duo Services pair with other women they have a connection with, the night can really roll with the attraction you all feel. Allow your energies to intermingle to decide the direction of the night—would you like to be out on the town, taking the night by storm, or would you rather enjoy a cosy night with the three of you enjoying each other’s company?

Endless Attraction

Farewell to the dilemma of “this or that.” Our duo pairings add the spice you need to remain interested and satisfied. Our Duos are paired by their ability to complement one another, so you can either have two peas in a pod for your enjoyment, or a riveting sexy contrast of personalities and appearances. Regardless of the dynamic you’re looking for, these two share a deep attraction and chemistry for one another. Feel free to hop in on that attraction or simply enjoy their company and flirtation.

Duo in Barking With Playgirls

Spice up your experience in Barking by booking a professional companion—or two—through Playgirls. We have escorts available to you in as little as forty-five minutes, no matter where you are in Essex. Make your trip memorable with a night with a Playgirl!