It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling abroad or visiting London for the weekend, there are always cultural differences in how you approach dating. Everything from the way you dress to the way you speak can make an impression you weren’t expecting. If you want to enjoy a romantic evening in London, it doesn’t have to be extensive trial-and-error on dating apps. Many gentlemen opt to invite a call girl in North London to join them on an evening out.

Scheduling time with a professional companion in London will make your visit to this historical city all that more enjoyable. Compromise nothing by indulging in the best romantic restaurants in North London, seeing the sights you’ve dreamt of, and enjoying your favourite activities in one of the largest cities in the world.

If you’re looking for a uniquely English way to woo a lady, we have the tips and tricks you need.


Impressing Upon First Impressions

You only make one first impression. Whether you’re cold-approaching a stunning woman in a pub or meeting your booked companion for the first time, you want her to be excited to spend time with you. It takes more than confidence to take an English woman’s breath away.


Embrace Your Style

London is known for its sophisticated and exciting nightlife. The woman on your arm will be dressed to the nines in preparation for an unforgettable night of award-winning food, bubbly cocktails, and riveting conversation.

Take your time when getting ready. A well-fitting suit and a dab of cologne will have you looking and feeling like a certain fictional British spy. British women were raised observing royals and surrounded by top fashion designer influences, such as Paul Smith and Stella McCartney. A man with style is certain to catch their eye.


Lighten Up

English women have a sense of humour and wit unrivalled by anywhere else in the world. Familiarise yourself with dry humour and be willing to engage in playful teasing. Despite their posh appearances, these women don’t take themselves too seriously and will appreciate your witty comebacks.


Choose Romantic Atmospheres

This advice can apply to all women everywhere—you can’t beat a romantic date. London is packed with the finest dining experiences as well as the trendiest venues for music and art. Plan your date to take place in the evening to take full advantage of romantic lighting and a seductive atmosphere.


Serving Up Connection

Foster a sense of intimacy in one of these quiet restaurants in London. Clos Maggiore is our favourite romantic restaurant for couples looking to connect and get their hearts fluttering. With rich mahogany wood-panelled walls and a canopy of flowers dangling above, you will feel as though you’ve waltzed into a luscious summer dream. Order off their tasting menu (perfect for two) or enjoy their modern European cuisine a la carte.

Want to impress your date with historical knowledge of London? Andrew Edmunds Restaurant is one of the survivors of London’s own “old Soho.” The atmosphere is more relaxed than Clos Maggiore, offering refined flavours and wine pairings for a traditional candlelit dinner. Harper’s Bazaar once boasted that this spot “tops many an informal poll, thanks to the supporting role it has played in so many London love affairs.” Will yours be next?


Melt the Stress Away

With your game planned and set, the most difficult part about securing your romantic evening is finding a match. If you’re confronted with last-minute cancellations or want an experience catered to your desires, hiring a professional escort is the solution. The women at Playgirls are experts in all social settings, navigating intimate dinners and work events with grace and charm. 

Dinner with a Playgirl never feels like an awkward first date, but rather a titillating encounter with a long-time friend who has always secretly fancied you. Stop worrying if your jokes are getting old or if she can tell you’re nervous—and enjoy your night in London!