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Mayfair Escorts

Looking for Mayfair escorts? Look no further than here at Playgirls. We are a top London escort agency and we pride ourselves on putting the play in playtime. Any agency offering escorts in Mayfair has to provide the best – and we rise to the challenge with escort girls who are stunning, sexy, charismatic and charming. Whether you’re looking for a leggy European beauty, or a teeny, cute brunette… a sophisticated angel or a naughty devil… just get in touch with us today to find the woman of your fantasies. Add a little bit of luxury and indulgence into your life with a stunning lady from our exclusive selection of high class escorts at an incredibly affordable price.

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Why We Love Mayfair

What Londoner doesn’t have a sweet soft spot for Mayfair? It’s a fantastic location full of brilliant delights whether you’re looking for something regal, tasty or beautiful. The area oozes charm and sophistication, much like our lovely ladies, and so makes the perfect place to go. Full of exclusive hotels, elegant townhouses and fantastic shopping venues – what woman doesn’t love Mayfair? With one of our lovely ladies, life feels a lot more luxurious anyway – and what way to cement this blissful feeling than situating it in Mayfair?

We truly can’t pick our favourite part of Mayfair. The shopping, delicious gourmet food and stunning architecture make it the perfect place to take the escort girl of your choice. The area is renowned for being romantic, fun, sexy, playful and luxurious. There are not many places in the country that tick all of these boxes. Even in London (the best city in the world), it’s incredibly rare. It truly is second to none when it comes to the perfect feeling of opulence and bliss. Here at Playgirls, we believe every single person deserves to experience the finer things in life. Find that with us.

Booking Our Gorgeous Mayfair Escorts

Our gorgeous ladies are happy to meet you in or near Mayfair. Every single one of our gorgeous ladies is exclusive to us. You truly won’t find her anywhere else. Each of our ladies is chosen to join us after an interview process to ensure their amazing personality, charm and charisma matches their unbeatable looks.

We know there is more to life than the physical… so we are pleased to provide you with a selection of women who can hold stimulation conversations while holding your hand. Every single one of our beautiful escort girls can stimulate your minds just as much as she can stimulate your senses. We also offer a duo booking service. Meaning you can book not only one, but two of our gorgeous female escorts to bring into your home or take around town. You can discreetly call us on 0207 118 6969 or text us on 07718 632285 to book the escort of your fantasies for phenomenal prices.

Where to Take Your Mayfair Playgirl

There is an endless amount to see, taste and explore in the luxurious Mayfair area. Here we have picked just a few of our favourites. They make great places to take your chosen escort for an evening or a night of fun.

  • Waddington Custot Gallery

    This gallery is a brilliant place to go for those who love art and culture. It is renowned for its brilliant collection of modern and contemporary art and is a beautiful place to take your escort for an exploration of both of your minds.

  • Royal Arcade

    Situated on Old Bond Street, the Royal Arcade is an indoor shopping mall opened in 1879. The Grade II listed building is home to brilliant shops – but is also generally a fantastic wonder to walk through hand in hand with your dream Mayfair escort.

  • Ormer Mayfair

    Located right in the heart of Mayfair is a gorgeous little gem called Ormer. This restaurant is incredibly popular for those looking for some European sophistication and fine dining. The sleek and elegant decor makes for the perfect place for some sweet looks and lovely conversation.

  • The Terrace Bar at The Chesterfield Mayfair Hotel

    This swanky hotel bar is fantastic place to take the Mayfair escort of your choice. This luxury hotel houses one of the most popular places to go for a decadent drink and is perfectly tucked away for you and your lady to have some fun of your own. We recommend literally any of their cocktails, you won’t regret it.

Mayfair Escorts FAQs

Can I book more than one escort at a time?2023-07-26T14:12:34+00:00

Yes, we offer a duo booking service, which means you can book not only one, but two of their gorgeous female escorts to bring into your home or take around town.

Where in Mayfair can I take the escort girl of my choice?2023-07-26T14:12:11+00:00

Mayfair is a fantastic location full of exclusive hotels, elegant townhouses, fantastic shopping venues, delicious gourmet food, and stunning architecture. It is known for being a romantic, fun, sexy, playful, and luxurious area. It’s the perfect place to take the escort girl of your choice.

What kind of escorts can I expect in Mayfair?2023-07-26T14:11:52+00:00

Playgirls prides itself on providing a variety of stunning, sexy, charismatic, and charming escort girls. We offer a range from leggy European beauties to petite brunettes, sophisticated angels to naughty devils. Each one is exclusive to Playgirls, chosen through an interview process to ensure their amazing personality, charm, and charisma match their unbeatable looks.