The Ultimate North London Escort Guide

London Escort Guide

When booking high-class North London escorts with Playgirls, many of our clients (particularly first-time bookers) have lots of questions about the process of hiring and spending time with an escort. This London escort guide will serve to answer some of your most burning questions!

The Basics: What is an Escort?

This is a question you may want to find out about before you call an agency. An escort is a person hired to be a personal companion for social events, dates, days out, and more. There are also escorts who can be hired for protective accompaniment; this isn’t the type of escort you will find at Playgirls! Our North London escorts are a whole host of gorgeous women who are the perfect companions for socialising and fun in the North London area (and beyond! Check out our escort locations page to see where you can meet escorts in Greater London and the home counties.)

Is Booking an Escort Legal?

In the UK, it is legal to hire an escort because you are paying for her time and company. Whatever else happens is freely chosen activity between two legally consenting adults! An escort agency such as Playgirls merely serves to facilitate an introduction between escort and client.

Types of North London Escorts

You can find two main types of escort in North London and elsewhere: incall and outcall. Meeting with an incall escort involves travelling to their location. We specialise in outcall escorts; you can meet your escort of choice in the comfort of your own home or at a pre-agreed location like a hotel or restaurant. Beyond this, escorts all have different looks, personalities, and interests! A good agency can help you find the best escort for you based on questions about your likes, dislikes, and tastes to ensure you have a wonderful experience.

Why Choose a London Escort Agency?

When you choose a reputable North London escort agency like Playgirls, you are choosing to find the best female escorts possible! Our plethora of beautiful ladies are all naturally charismatic and great at what they do. This means you’ll always have a memorable time in the company of your escort. There are other options out there for North London escorts. This includes independent escort directories with hundreds of listings created by individuals. With the right agency, however, you can be much more assured of accuracy and honesty in the information you find.

Booking Time with London Escorts

Booking an escort with Playgirls is a simple and stress-free process, done discreetly over the phone once you have filled out an online contact form, texted us on 07718632285, or called our receptionists on 02071186969. This includes making bookings in advance or more last minute if you fancy meeting an escort within the hour. We will quote you a price and agree upon a location (or locations). We can also put you in touch with your chosen Playgirl to chat before meeting.

Where Should I Take My London Escort?

When booking time with an outcall escort, you must consider where you want to meet with her. This could be your home or elsewhere. However, the locations involved need to be pre-agreed with the agency and the escort herself. Hotels are a popular choice; they add a layer of security for client and escort, especially when meeting up for the first time. In addition, taking your escort to a restaurant or for drinks will give you more time to get to know each other and set the mood. In other cases, clients like to take an escort to an event or for a day out! If you’re not sure where to meet, we are happy to advise you on the best spots to take your Playgirl.

Meeting an Escort for the First Time: Top Tips

Hiring an escort for the first time can induce nerves in even the most confident of men. Rest assured that our discreet reception team are happy to answer any questions. We will help you find the right escort who will put you at ease! In any case, here are a few tips for you to consider when first meeting with the woman of your dreams:

  • Be Clean: your escort will, of course, be absolutely stunning when you meet her. However, ensuring you’re in tip-top condition goes a long way too! A fresh and clean appearance is a must and will only increase the chemistry between you. As the UK National Escorts Association phrases it, “stay clean, [maintain] fresh breath, smell good and wear nice clothes to make a good impression and make the escort feel comfortable around you.”
  • Be Safe: safety and security are paramount to an escort. This is why we do ask all our clients background questions and all our escorts have drivers. There are steps you can take to increase the safe ambience for an outcall escort too, such as location, lighting, and no unexpected guests. Also, let the agency know about any health problems you may have, including long-term disabilities, as the agency can often plan for this. Your safety is important too!
  • Be Courteous: it goes without saying that a respectful attitude is important when you are meeting up with an escort. Building a great rapport with her from the start will help you both have a great experience. You can even build up a more lasting relationship if you so choose.
  • Be Punctual: our escorts are highly professional and turn up on time, so you should too. Make sure to be ready when your North London escort turns up at your door or show up to the restaurant or hotel room in advance to greet her. This makes the ideal first impression after all, as you are excited to see her!
  • Be Generous: just like any other date, an escort appreciates a client who goes the extra mile to make her companionship feel cherished. Cash tips and appropriate gifts may not be required but will be greatly appreciated by your new companion.

London Escorts Guide

Got more questions about booking time with an escort that haven’t been covered in our North London escorts guide? Check out our FAQs for more information or get in touch with the Playgirls team who will be happy to help.

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