Nothing is more glorious than an intimate reprieve from the hustle and bustle of London. Navigating streets and maps while dodging tourists is physically and mentally exhausting. When you’re looking to unwind for the evening, most pubs grow rowdier and readier for a night out, disrupting your sense of calm. The balance between wanting to be out and engaging in mature, thoughtful activity is tricky but mastered by the intimate establishments we’ve collected on this list.

If you’re new to London or fresh on the dating scene, finding a partner who can appreciate fine wine and engage in intelligent conversation is as difficult as finding the perfect quiet restaurant. You never have to settle or compromise when you book with escort services in North London. Professional companions from agencies like Playgirls match patrons with stunning and intellectual women to enjoy an evening escape from it all.

Enjoy an evening of depth and intimacy by booking a reservation at a top quiet, romantic restaurant in London. Sharing your table with a beautiful companion who shares your appreciation for fine wines and cerebral conversation elevates your experience to a whole new level.


Our Top Picks

Our selections for these romantic date ideas in London meet the criteria for an intimate environment, highly-rated cuisine and wine listings, and overall ambiance. You’re sure to find your new regular spot for respite from the chaos of the city on this list.


Clos Maggiore

Take one step through Clos Maggiore’s doors and you’ll be transported from cement sidewalks and honking car horns to a whimsical and romantic getaway. With richly coloured interior walls and a canopy of twinkling flowers overhead, Clos Maggiore cultivates a unique dining experience that combines elements of nature with luxury. You’ll know exactly how to impress any girl in London with a reservation at one of their white-cloth tables.

Order off their refined a la carte menu or embrace closeness with their tasting menu for two. Wine connoisseurs and food critics alike cannot stop raving about the excellent wine pairings of their tasting menu, which rotates each month.


The Ivy

If you love the fantastical refinement of Clos Maggiore, The Ivy beautifully marries playful food and chic ambiance. In the evening, the lights dim so you can feel closer to your date in the colourful lights over worldly cuisine. Their menu is inspired by creative interpretations of Norwegian, Spanish, and Malaysian dishes. While the menu is small, each dish is packed with an exotic array of flavours and there are options to satiate your inner carnivore or feed the grazer of plant-based options in elegance.

If you feel uncertain that this is the perfect spot to foster a close connection (after all, the tropical decor alludes to a party atmosphere), erase all doubts. The Ivy is an exclusive dining experience with a smart-casual dresscode. No rowdy Chelsea fans will interrupt your evening.



Take a Spanish holiday without leaving London at Barrafina. There are five Barrafinas in London, and we recommend the one on Dean Street because it has more seating away from the bar top.

This open-kitchen concept allows patrons to revel in the thrill of expert chefs in action, or stow away to a quiet nook to savour tapas and Spanish wine. This is a perfect spot for couples who want space away from the London club scene and pub camaraderie, but still be near action that caters to their interests. At night, the bartop connected to the open kitchen illuminates the restaurant like a beacon of culinary excellence. You and your date will never run out of things to talk about at Barrafina.


Enjoy London at Your Own Pace

London is the perfect city for natives and travellers alike with its endless options and active nightlife. If you’re nursing yourself back to life following a night of reckless indulgence, or simply prefer opportunities for genuine connection and attraction, these quiet restaurants are for you.

In London, you never have to enjoy an evening alone. By booking a companion from Playgirls, you’re guaranteed an experience of witty banter, coy flirtation, and stimulating conversation. Our ladies are the perfect dinner guests for your intimate night of luxury.