Attending events solo can feel awkward and lonely at times. Whether you originally had a date who dropped out or you have a networking event where you want to impress, having the right woman on your arm can turn a dull night into one filled with laughter and connection. Playgirls is the top escort agency in London for hiring escorts for social events, and we have all the tips and tricks you need to ensure the night goes off without a hitch.

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Tips for Hiring an Escort for a Social Event

When an important event is coming up‒be it a wedding or an award ceremony for your industry‒if you don’t have a date, your knee-jerk reaction may be to RSVP as a ‘no’ or scour dating apps with the hope that the right woman will respond.

You shouldn’t miss important events just because you don’t have a special someone to go with or resort to unreliable and unpredictable dating apps to fill the void. Instead, you can hire a Playgirls escort. All of our Playgirls are beautiful inside and out, selected by our agency for their ability to effortlessly navigate any social situation and charm.

With an escort, you don’t have to worry about any unpredictable variables or last-minute cancellations. You simply have the perfect plus-one for all of life’s ventures without having to worry about any social missteps or awkwardness. To ensure your evening is everything you hoped for, here are a few tips for hiring an escort for events:


Meet Before the Event

Just like you wouldn’t bring any first date to an important event, we recommend you meet your desired companion at least once in person before your big day. While you can chat with our Playgirls escorts on our website to get a feel for compatibility, chatting online is nothing compared to that real-life spark.

Clients find that meeting with their escort once or twice before an event helps establish rapport and a level of comfort between them. If your goal is for no one to guess you’ve hired an escort, having that foundational relationship will make your connection appear more organic and effortless.


Set Expectations

Whether it’s your online chat before or during your first meeting, give her the run-down about the upcoming event. What’s the dress code, and what will the event look like? Is it more of a rowdy party where you’ll tear up the dance floor, or it is an evening of sophistication and networking? If food will be served, it’s wise to ask if she has any dietary restrictions to be aware of.

Additionally, if you don’t want attendees to know you’ve hired an escort as your date, let her know. You two can work together on a way to introduce your relationship that makes you feel the most comfortable.


Do a Trial Run

If you have enough notice before your event, we recommend scheduling a ‘group date’ or other smaller event you can introduce your escort into. Clients have said that by bringing their hired companion to a smaller, low-stakes event before a more important one helped make their dynamic appear more natural. It also helped their escort acclimate to a few people, making introducing new people less overwhelming on the day of the larger event. Additionally, it lowered any suspicion that you hired an escort for just one event.

After this ‘trial run,’ the two of you can review what worked and what didn’t and feel more prepared for that important event.


Be ‘Honest’

If you want to shake suspicion that you’ve hired an escort, the backstory of your relationship should be somewhat rooted in the truth. Claiming you met her when you saved her kitten from a house fire may be a heroic story, but not necessarily a believable one.

So, how should you answer questions about how you two met? There are a few options:


  • Say that you “met the old-fashioned way‒online!”
  • You could share the activity you did on your first date and pitch it as the first time you met (after all, isn’t that a little bit true)?
  • Say that you “met through a mutual connection.”


Again, this is another excellent reason you should meet with your escort beforehand. This way, you both can be on the same page regarding your love story.


Never Go Alone With Playgirls

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