Although London hosts millions of travellers every year—from those passing through for strictly business purposes to those touring the city on holiday—one can still find themselves alone on an evening when they’d rather not be. North London is also the home to countless incredible restaurants with the seductive ambiance of a James Bond film and award-winning dishes. As you sit in your flat or hotel room, you may find yourself wanting to make a reservation, but who should you invite to enjoy the experience with?

This is where an independent escort service in North London comes in. When the dating apps let you down, or your usual guest is out of reach, our local companions are always ready for any event or spontaneous outing you have planned. North London is the prime area to explore the nightlife of the city with luxurious dining, creative cocktails, and an aura of romance. From exotic cuisine to refined couples hotels in North London, booking with a professional companion will allow you to enjoy all the delights this city has to offer.

Once you’ve secured the perfect date for your night out, it’s time to pin down the reservations. 


Our Top Romantic Restaurant Selections

When you’re in the mood for a romantic evening, your dining experience is far more than a hearty meal. Romantic dinners set the tone for the night. Splitting a rich and velvety dessert will simply be a preview of the connection you will build throughout the evening.

Here are our top picks for restaurants that will impress any girl in London.



It may be raining in London, but when you step foot in Melange, you will be transported to a holiday in the South of France. Inspired by the sumptuous cuisine of Italy, Southern France, and Spain, this luxe restaurant offers an extensive wine list sure to dazzle your date. We love their posh leather booths and white marble bar top. We recommend this spot for the couple looking for a savoury snack or a cheeky dessert to pair with their signature cocktails.



Bramleys is our favourite evening spot if you’re looking to drop your jaw. The aesthetic of this establishment is a sultry combination of mid-century modern and whimsical fantasy. Decorated with rich, dark colours that are interrupted with cherry blossom chandeliers and golden light fixtures, Bramleys is so much more than what meets the eye.

This date night hotspot is located in Oakwood, North London. Their chefs focus on the freshest seasonal produce and local suppliers when crafting a menu to transport your palate to flavours unknown. We recommend starting with their prawn croquettes and splitting their grilled octopus and lamb chops before sweetening the deal with their signature apple mousse.



Nobody combines the complex flavours of India with upscale sophistication like Bayleaf. Warm mood lighting illuminates the ornate artistry of the traditional Indian wall decor, impressing patrons while drawing them closer to their dates. Marvel at the glow you’ll feel when you explore their expansive wine list. We love how their highly-rated menu offers options for all dietary restrictions, so no more worrying if you or your date will return home hungry.


An Unforgettable Evening

North London is filled with restaurants perfect for a romantic evening. We know true romance is more than an expensive meal and champagne. If you want to experience the romance and sensuality of North London, dine at an establishment that offers both delicious food and an intimate atmosphere. Bayleaf, Bramleys, and Melange are just three of the many top-rated restaurants for couples.


Treat that special someone, be it your longtime partner or an eager companion, to an unforgettable night. Connection is built through experiences, so experience romance today with Playgirls.