Being a companion of quality means being able to go above and beyond to accompany gentlemen through moments in their lives when they seek your services. You must also possess skills and qualities that make you the ideal companion for them on some of the best date ideas in Hertfordshire.

You should aim to ensure that the gentlemen for whom you provide companionship feel that you have their best interests at heart at all times. This means knowing how to carry yourself with elegance and style, and confidently displaying your beauty and presence in a wide range of situations, with a wide range of people.

Many call girls in Hertfordshire offer companion services. In this post, we lay out some of the most sought after attributes in a companion—attributes which will set you up for success in your career and a fulfilling life experiencing wonderful people and places.

Personality and Presence

A high class companion needs to possess an engaging, personable presence that naturally draws attention. You should have an easy-going nature while being able to think on your feet, adapting to different situations with poise. Your guests should feel comfortable in your presence and be able to share their thoughts without judgement or hesitation, while enjoying your company and relishing the moments you spend together.

As a companion, you’ll come into contact with a broad spectrum of different people, so you should strive to be somebody who loves to make those around you feel at ease.

People Skills

As a professional companion, you’ll be expected to be personable, engaging, and great company. Emotional intelligence and a natural empathy for the wellbeing of those around you are paramount.

On any given occasion, you may be required to work a room and speak to many different people. On other occasions, you may simply be asked to accompany a gentleman who wants to spend time with you, and you alone. Communication skills and the ability to gauge body language and cues will make you the sensitive but attentive companion our clients are looking for. You should have a sense of their romantic ideas, and respond well to them.


Professionalism is extremely important, as it shows that you take your job seriously and strive for excellence in what you do. Being professional entails taking care of details, such as being punctual and, prior to meeting clients, understanding their backgrounds so that conversation can flow. Being a professional means arriving prepared and informed about the person or people you will be spending time with.


Your appearance matters, as a companion. As part of your responsibilities to your client, you may be required to attend important social or business events, go to restaurants, or take walks. The gentlemen you are accompanying will expect you to look elegant and sophisticated no matter where you are with them.


Discretion must remain at the forefront of all interactions between yourself and your clients, with everything that is shared whether between the two of you or with mutual contacts staying between the two parties involved. Clients must know they can trust you to listen to them openly without ever divulging what they confide in you to anybody else.

Considerations for Next Steps

Being a companion can be a very rewarding job that presents many opportunities for travel, enjoyment, and meeting new people. It is important to remember that, as with any professional service, you must strive to be the best at what you do, ensuring you create a wonderful, professional experience for your clients. Experience brings benefits, but if you are considering becoming a companion, follow the above guidelines to create a base upon which to build your own unique success in this industry!