While Paris holds the reputation for being the City of Love, us Londoners would like to challenge that. Some of the greatest love stories were born in England. From the great tales of Shakespearean love to the novels of Jane Austen and the British romantic dramas in the cinema, England has proven to be a wonderfully historic and amorous country. It’s impossible to resist the heart-racing intrigue that comes with the many hidden pathways, grand architecture, and lively spirit of London. So why give in to temptation alone?

Whether you’re looking to start your own love story or enjoy some companionship in North London, we have the top romantic places to visit. These spots have served as landmarks for many last-first dates and even proposals. If you are planning your first date in London or looking for romantic date ideas, this list will start you off on the right foot.


Most Romantic Places in London

This list is truly the tip of the iceberg (or the foam on the pint, if you will) of all that London has to offer for your romantic affairs. These hand-selected locales can certainly be enjoyed alone if you find yourself without a companion, but we think all good things come in twos.

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Mews of Mayfair

Few alleys have as much charm, personality, and glow at sundown as the Mews of Mayfair. Located just off of New Bond Street, you’ll stumble upon a picturesque lamplit, eighteenth-century walkway, lined with a handful of quality businesses. We love that this best-kept secret of London has the perfect balance of activity without feeling congested the way most tourist sites do.

A canopy of twinkle lights drapes above you as you meander down this alley before ducking into one of their charming businesses. If you’re just starting off your night, you and your beloved can pop into the pizzeria for a bite, or slow down and enjoy a nightcap at one of the chic cocktail bars nestled in these alleys.


Hampton Court Maze

While this British delight is technically in Surrey, we think it’s a worthwhile trek. Hampton Court is the U.K.’s oldest surviving hedge maze and covers nearly a third of an acre. So while you’re lost in your lover’s eyes, you may actually get lost in the maze. While that doesn’t sound particularly romantic at a glance, it leaves room for imagination and time to connect with your date in a new way while enjoying the lush gardens.

Roleplay your favourite Tudor-period drama or play a cheeky game of cat-and-mouse to keep your date playful while appreciating the unique setting you’re in.


Little Venice

Located near Paddington Station, Little Venice is another tucked-away treasure within London. Revel in the tranquillity of the waterside of the Grand Union Canal on a warm sunny day or under the glow of the city lights at dusk. This hidden haven offers patrons a respite from the honking cars and shouting solicitors that clog the streets of London. 

You and yours may opt for a riverside stroll, book a gondola ride, or enjoy refreshments just outside of one of the many pubs lining the canal.


Royal Observatory Greenwich

There’s a reason poets liken their beloved’s eyes to the stars. Nothing is more romantic than stargazing or allowing these celestial beauties to illuminate your flirtatious interactions with your companion. Unfortunately, London suffers from so much light pollution that the stars are not visible from the street. Luckily, Greenwich’s Royal Observatory solves this problem.

Bask in the glow and try to find shooting stars with a glass of bubbly and head to a higher spot to enjoy a starlit picnic. We can’t imagine anything more dazzling.


Embrace Romance on Your Terms

If you’re looking to experience the perfect night in London with a special someone, compromise nothing with a companion from Playgirls. You can window shop hand-in-hand down the charming alleys of Mayfair, ride a gondola in Little Venice, get lost in a maze of infatuation at Hampton Court, and have a love story written in the stars at the observatory!