How do you find someone to date in person? Easy–you can hire an escort from a top-tier Essex escorting agency like Playgirls! Still, a lot of men shy away from this idea, given the taboo surrounding the practice. Many attach a sexual connotation to the partnership, but the truth is that escorts play many different roles in their clients’ lives. They also provide companionship, emotional support, physical intimacy, and other professional services.

What Is an Escort?

An escort is an individual who is paid to perform certain services for a client. As its name suggests, the general role of an escort is to accompany you on private events, but their job has also transformed beyond this and may include more intimate companionship.

What Does an Escort Do?

An escort offers many services, which is why so many men book them. They can give you a good time while being someone who provides you with a valuable human connection. Here are some of the roles that an escort plays:


Most escorts are hired to provide companionship. Men book them to go to events, especially when a partner is needed and they don’t have one. Escorts are also good for making an impression, especially at business functions. At these events, they’ll often have to behave and dress a certain way.

Emotional Support

Some men book escort services to help them overcome difficult times. Sometimes, emotional distress can only be solved with the presence of another, and an escort can be someone who listens, comforts, and reassures.

Travel Buddy

Escorts can accompany clients on business trips or vacations, in which they may even be the ones in charge of making travel arrangements and navigating the trip smoothly. Some men hire escorts who speak the language of the country they’re visiting so that they can travel more easily.

There are also escorts who offer a ‘fly-me-to-you’ arrangement, in which they travel to the client’s location to spend time with them.


While not always common, some escorts are available to double as stylists. Being with multiple clients gives them the advantage of knowing what looks best on men, and they can impart this knowledge to their clients to help them look their best—and possibly land an actual date.

Life Coach or Therapist

Some escorts offer other professional services, such as personal training, life coaching, or therapy. These girls should have specific qualifications or training to be able to do that, so clients should double-check or hire from trustworthy agencies like Playgirls.

Sexual Partner

Many clients seek out escorts specifically for sexual services—which isn’t something to be ashamed of. Being intimate with an escort may even be more ideal because they’re professionals who are often trained in matters of sexual health and safety. 

How to Hire an Escort

Hiring an escort is simple, and typically follows the same process as, say, hiring a freelancer. You can find available girls in escort directories or on social media, but if you want to be sure of your choices or if you’d rather be discreet with the transaction, hiring from an agency like Playgirls gives you those safeguards. You can simply fill out a booking form and make the payment, and you’ll have your dream girl by your side within an hour!