Grays Escorts

Grays is a wonderful little city off of a charming bend of the River Thames. Not far from iconic London tourist sites and nestled between dozens of charming and mouth-watering restaurants, Grays (postcodes RM16 and RM17) is an ideal spot to enjoy daytime dates or evenings on your yacht – our Grays escorts are always happy to spice up your day!

If you’re a traveller or recently found yourself without your usual companion, getting out into the city feels less appealing. After all, beauty is best paired with beauty, and a lovely lady always sweetens a deal and makes you feel more connected.

Playgirls offers a plethora of professional companionship services, including outcall girls in Essex and surrounding areas. Every companion–from our Grays escorts to our Brentwood and Loughton escorts–is a gorgeous, alluring, and intelligent woman ready to adventure into new experiences with you. If you’re new to booking with an escort service or are a first-time patron of Playgirls, allow us to walk you through the ins and outs of professional companionship.

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Types of Escorting Services

Escorting services, in short, connect you with beautiful, intelligent, and playful women. You pay for time with these high-class ladies, and everything that happens next is between two (or three, if you book our Duo Services) consenting adults. 

The professionals at Playgirls are women who have a range of skill sets that allow them to adapt to any and all situations. Do you need a refined date to impress your boss at a work party? Looking for a wild and playful young woman to ignite your night out? Need a sweet and gentle lady to explore your tender, romantic side with? Playgirls has a professional companion for you.

Not all escorts provide the same services and experience. Our escorts are independent contractors platformed on our service, so we recommend touching base with them to evaluate your match. Let’s discuss a few key differences in escorting services.

Incall Girls

Incall services indicate the client (you) will travel to the place of business of the escort. This oftentimes looks like an apartment she conducts her services in, or meeting at a romantic hotel or date night spot. 

If you opt for an incall escorting service, always meet in a high-traffic area first. This assures mutual safety for you and your company. We do not typically recommend this for anyone interested in booking a professional companion, as other agencies have a track record of safety issues (for both the client and the professional) with this arrangement. 

Outcall Girls

Outcall is by far more convenient and safe. Outcall services are when your hired companion comes to meet you at a location. This can be your hotel room, a restaurant, venue, or anywhere you’d like. We recommend telling your date your plans for the evening and any requests for attire–after all, if she’s accompanying you for a refined dinner with colleagues but she’s dressed for a night of drinking and dancing, you may run into a last-minute shopping trip.

At Playgirls, our ladies listed under Tonight’s Girls or “Escorts Tonight” tab are available to you within forty-five minutes through same-day of booking. Planning ahead? Simply check out the list of available Playgirls in a listed location on our website to book in advance.

Benefits of Booking a Playgirl

There are endless reasons to book a professional companion—the confidence boost of being seen with a gorgeous woman, the freedom from a lack of commitment, and the ability to experience true intimacy without the pain that often comes with it. Here are just a few of the key benefits you can experience when you book an evening with one of our escorts:

Impressive Date

Each Playgirl is trained in the art of conversation. They are social butterflies who can navigate any situation you task them with. Make a great impression with your judgmental family at dinner or charm your boss and colleagues with this dazzling, bubbly young woman.

Stepping into a situation with a perfect date can make your entire night unforgettable in the best way. If you want to feel impressed and connected, an intimate dinner date illuminated by candlelight is the best way to foster that closeness. She can smirk and keep up a playful banter, or clasp your hand and gaze adoringly into your eyes while you discuss your thoughts and passions. 

Exciting New Experiences

Sometimes, we want to experiment. We want to push our boundaries and understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. Escort services can help you expand your limits and invigorate your senses. All of our Playgirls are professionals in the art of seduction, socially adaptable, and open-minded. 

From having your first experience entertaining two beautiful women with our Duo Services to trying a daring new dish others in your life turn their noses at, you can experience it all!

Next Steps

Professional companions are available to you in Grays, Essex, London, and more. Explore our portfolio of companions available tonight to get your adventure started at Playgirls.