Whether you’re passing through London on business and desire some company or are a London native looking for a night of connection, a London escort agency can help. While it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and passion, your companion is a professional and there are certain client responsibilities you need to keep in mind. For both your escort’s safety and yours, you must honour boundaries and consent, behave responsibly and respectfully, and follow the agency’s guidelines.

Your escort experience in London doesn’t have to feel uptight or that there are dozens of unwritten rules you must abide by. Our Playgirls are independent contractors, meaning you are able to connect with them before your booking to discuss your hopes and plans for your evening, get to know them, and decide if they are the right Playgirl for you.

When connecting with Playgirls, it feels less like a business arrangement and more like connecting with a stunning woman to learn how you can complement one another. With that in mind, here are our top tips for client responsibilities and etiquette when engaging with your gorgeous companion: 


Keep Your Wits About You

We find that first-time clients can feel a little nervous just before meeting with an escort, and you might be tempted to lean into some liquid courage. However, we advise all clients to know their limits as too much alcohol can inhibit your enjoyment and cause you to forget what could be an incredible evening.

So, how do you calm your nerves? Before booking with your Playgirl, message her first and be open and honest‒her top priority is your comfort and enjoyment. Let her know this is your first time booking an escort and ask any questions you have about the experience. She will be happy to guide you through the process and find ways to help you truly unwind and enjoy the moment.


Make Safety a Priority

The professionals at Playgirls have found that meeting your date in-person in a public space is a great safety precaution for your first meeting. Other escort agencies may require clients to meet their companions at a private location, which can put both the client and companion at risk. Your physical safety is incredibly important, so meeting in public for the first meeting can establish trust without risk.

Additionally, only book with escort agencies that are completely secure. Playgirls has over three decades of experience in providing companionship services, so we’ve developed the most secure and discreet ways to pay. You don’t need to worry about carrying large amounts of cash with you for your date‒you can pay online or over the phone with our expert reception desk.


Honour Boundaries and Consent

All relationships are built on consent. After all, if you had a client who treated you rudely or disregarded your insights and expertise, you might not be so keen to work with them in the future! The same goes for the client-escort relationship. Because our companions are independent contractors, each young lady offers her own unique set of services. You can also discover more about her tastes, personality, and preferences on her profile page on our website. 

By learning more about your companion before your date (or even booking), you can ensure you are both aligned on your expectations for the evening. When you initiate a line of open communication, you can discuss your interests and limits to make sure you both enjoy this unforgettable evening.

We recommend connecting with her in advance to discuss what you hope to experience on your date, the sort of dynamic or tone you would like to set for the evening, and ask if that matches with the services she offers. During your date, be sure to confirm both of your boundaries and expectations as the evening progresses.


Discretion and Privacy Play a Factor

Both clients and escorts tend to have their own standards for discretion and privacy. Please respect that your escort may not share her personal or private information with you, and she is prepared to respect your privacy, as well. 


Enjoy a Night of Passion With Playgirls

Now that you know the essential guidelines and etiquette for client responsibilities with escorts, the fun can truly begin. To get started on an evening of enchantment, connection, and excitement, visit our Tonight’s Girls page to find escorts ready to meet you tonight!