One of the most exciting ways to spend time with one of our West London escorts is to organise a dinner date for the two of you that you’ll never forget. When it comes to taking an escort on a date, one of the most fun and exciting date ideas is to go for a meal together. 

When escorts suggest dinner dates, it truly means meeting at a restaurant of your choosing and enjoying a meal together. This can involve cocktails, desserts, and more! Many escorts will agree to an activity, such as a film at the cinema or a walk around the park, following the dinner itself. It’s simply a date–not unlike other traditional dates.

Our escorts at Playgirls love a wonderful dinner date because it creates an opportunity to truly connect and share an intimate experience. With the right preparation and effort, you’ll be able to wow your escort and make her feel like a million dollars.


Why Are Dinner Dates Special?

Dinner dates are one of the most common date ideas, and it’s for a good reason! Let’s look at why ladies love to be taken for dinner:


Delicious Food and Wine

If you choose a great restaurant that has crafted a high quality food and drinks menu, you’ll be sure to impress. We all love to indulge in our favourite foods, and there is no better time for this than during a dinner date!

So, to really impress your date and get the romance flowing, find a great place with a menu that your date will love. Be bold and consider things that she may not have tried before, or choose a place that might suit her personality. Maybe you can have a couple of ideas in mind, and then, you can select a spot together!


An Intimate Connection

One of the most enjoyable elements of a dinner date is that you spend it in close company with your companion. Not only do you get to enjoy the delicious food that is served, but you can learn about what each of you prefers when it comes to cuisine and cocktails while also talking about anything else that takes your fancy! 

The beauty of this date idea is that you can really get to know one another on a deeper level than on other dates.


Set the Tone for the Night

It may be the case that dinner, drinks, and conversation is all you need to have a great time with one another. However, if you’re enjoying the evening and you really don’t want the night to end, you can continue the night elsewhere. 

If the two of you are feeling like making a night of it, book a table earlier rather than late at a restaurant close to any venues you might head to afterwards.


How to Prepare for a Great Dinner Date

Knowing that your escort will almost certainly be thrilled to accompany you on a dinner date, how can you make a great impression and make the night unforgettable? Let us give you some tips from the Playgirls themselves:


Choose a Quality, Reputable Restaurant

When it comes to choosing the right place for a dinner date, find somewhere with an excellent reputation which is underpinned by solid reviews online. Choose a place for not only its food and drink, but also for its atmosphere and quality of service. 


Dress the Part

When you go out for dinner, it’s important to feel good. Both you and your date should make an effort to look presentable.

Your escort will wear clothes perfect for the occasion, so matching her efforts will be greatly appreciated. 


Go the Extra Mile

You’ve chosen a fantastic restaurant for your date, but there are still other ways to impress! Be polite, courteous, charming, and pay your escort compliments.

Ask her whether she’d like to order wine or cocktails, and help her choose something off the menu that you think she’d enjoy. Ultimately, you should make her feel special and like money or time is of no importance.


In a Nutshell

Dinner dates are truly a lovely way to get to know your escort while having fun and treating yourselves to wonderful food and drinks. To get your magical evening started, check out our latest selection of available escorts on Tonight’s Girls!