Whether it’s a night out with friends or an important business dinner, hiring an escort can ensure you enjoy the event, impress everyone there, and boost your confidence. In fact, many of the most influential people will hire escorts for social events. Certain companies and industries are known for hiring models to attend their events, and others will hire escorts as their dates.

Playgirls escorts in London are perfect for your night out. Our ladies are selected for both their physical beauty and inner beauty. Each companion is well-versed in the art of socialising and can be the life of the party or the coy panther on your arm, depending on your preferences.


General Tips for Hiring Escorts for Events

Many clients hire escorts for social and corporate events. However, these types of dates do require forethought and preparation. To truly make the most out of your night, follow these tips:


Ask About Social Rates

On each Playgirls’ profile on our website, she has a section about her rates and services. For exact rates for specific services, you will need to message your desired escort in advance. Many clients think booking for a social event is too far out of their price range, but oftentimes, escorts charge a separate rate for public events versus private dates. These rates tend to be lower, and sometimes escorts don’t charge for certain portions of the event. 

Escorts will sometimes offer complimentary time if the client takes them to a fine-dining restaurant, VIP sports tickets for an event, or other top-quality activities. Ask what her rate card looks like for public events and let her know what activities are on the itinerary. However, remember that her rates are her rates. If you would like to find an escort at a different price-point, you can call our concierge to help find your perfect match.


Meet a Few Times Before

Clients have said that meeting an escort a few times before their special event helps things feel more comfortable and natural. No matter who you are, large events can feel overwhelming. If you are introducing your hired companion to others for the first time, you’ll feel more at ease if it’s also not your first time meeting her.


Read Your Invitation and Itinerary Carefully

Make sure you read the itinerary for the event carefully and even send your escort a copy of important information. She will need to know things like the dress code, when to arrive, what food and drinks will be served (if any), and the general tone of the evening. While our Playgirls are extremely adaptable, you can save yourself from any faux pas’ by preparing.


RSVP if Required

Nothing is more uncomfortable than turning up with a plus-one that the host of the event wasn’t expecting. You don’t need to mention that your date is an escort, but letting the host know to expect you to bring a guest is proper etiquette. Additionally, the host may require the name and dietary restrictions for your guest, so connect with your escort early on to get that information.


Hiring an Escort for Corporate Functions

Whether it’s a two-day work trip or an awards ceremony for your industry, bringing an escort with you can impress your colleagues and make you feel more confident. Sometimes, work events can have a competitive edge or the stress of making a good impression on your superiors can wear you down. 

With a Playgirls’ escort on your arm, you will be the envy of every man in the room. Not only is she gorgeous, but she can charm your colleagues and provide you the compliments and encouragement you need to present your best self.


Hiring an Escort for Social Functions

Social functions are a great space to introduce your trusted Playgirls escort into. Weddings, group date nights, birthdays, vacations, and more can be just as fun as they are exhausting. However, any event can be made into an unforgettable evening with the right company.

Social events generally have less pressure than corporate functions, but personal connection is key. Tell your date a little bit about your friends, family, or colleagues before the day of the event so she is familiar with the names and can easily tie them to the faces she sees. When you lay the right foundation with your escort, she’ll charm everyone and earn you those nods of approval.

Don’t wait‒make a lasting impression on the important people in your life and enjoy an evening of laughter and passion. Check out our portfolio of high-class companions today!