The question of how to become an escort is one that may occasionally cross the minds of a lot of women. There are those, however, for whom this is not just an idea or a fleeting thought – but an actual interest and desire. Some of you will be looking for some freedom from the restraint of your day jobs or from too much time at home or studying at University. Others will be looking for a method of earning money that allows them to enjoy some of the finer things in life like pleasure and decadence. We can relate to that. Becoming an escort has a range of benefits and to truly experience these perks, when looking for escort jobs in and around London, we would recommend joining an established reputable UK agency who always put their girls, as well as client experience, first. As industry leaders, we at Playgirls can offer some top tips on how to become an escort for those of you who have never done it before but are looking to join the exclusive club.

Ensure You Want to be an Escort

You should always ask yourself whether you want to commit to any job and the same is true with the decision to become an escort. The best escorts are strong, independent and are always confident in their decisions. Making the decision to become an escort involves a willingness to meet and share with new people, try new things and to truly put yourself out there. So first things first, ensure being an escort is the right role for you.

Find the Right Escort Agency

As we alluded to, we cannot stress the importance of finding the right escort agency. Ensure you do a good amount of research into the escort industry and know what to look for. Look into finding an agency where you feel valuable and are likely to get a high volume of enquiries. This is the way to ensure you make the most money and feel the most confident. At Playgirls, we have a huge number of bookings so your time on our roster will not be wasted. At Playgirls, we are always concerned with our girls’ safety and security. All our girls have a personal driver at all times, ensuring they always get home safely. We are also keen to hear of our girls’ experiences in their encounters too. We know the importance of being an agency that cares about its’ employees in an industry like ours. We pride ourselves on the duty of care we have to our Playgirls. If you are looking for an escort agency that prioritises your happiness, safety and respect, contact us now!

How to be a Successful Escort

Look and Act the Part

To be a successful escort, it is essential to have an endless amount of charm, charisma and personality. But even before we get to that stage, you must ensure you look the part. In this industry, your appearance comes first. Literally. It is your images your prospective clients see before they get to know anything about your amazing personality and undeniable charisma. Treat your images preciously – ensure you look your best and that you are the version of yourself you would want to be with your dream client. At Playgirls, our exclusive women are female, over 18 and have a dress size up to size 12. We are proud to say that our escorts are always the perfect mix of cute, sexy and beautiful. This isn’t to say your personality isn’t important – because it absolutely is. Part of being a successful escort and keeping your clients coming back is having a brilliant energy. When you are with a client, you are essentially part of his image. Your conversation is important, as well as your general personality. You are likely to be with him in a public place, you could even be around his friends or colleagues so skilled communication is key. It takes more than a smile because your client will know what they want in a woman. You need to be able to converse freely and naturally with both familiar and new people. This is an important part of our recruitment process. Our Playgirls are known for oozing charm and wit, so it is important this comes through in your personality. We love working with women who know themselves to have a lovely disposition and are also adaptable. Every client will be different so an escort who can adapt to a range of personality types, desires and interests is one who is guaranteed to have the most success.

Have Confidence

If you’re a little coy, that’s okay, as that will be appreciated by certain clients. But one thing we can not recommend enough is a great degree of confidence. Working as an escort in London takes a deep belief in yourself as it is a competitive world out there. There is nothing more alluring than a person who knows how good they are, and that self-belief will ensure you come across as a beautiful companion to those in your company. There are several ways to further better your confidence when working as an escort. Dressing the part always helps. Whether your client is looking for something smart and classy, or playful and sexy, wearing clothes you feel confident in is guaranteed to give you a confidence boost – as well as the compliments which are guaranteed to follow. Be excited to put in the effort to have your hair done and take time with your make-up – your client will remember this.

Be Flexible

Often working as a London escort requires an openness to being available to work at a range of times and rather last minute too. To become a successful escort, being flexible with your timings is a great way to ensure a good number of client bookings. Some of you will have other part-time jobs as well as your role as a London Playgirl, so it is essential to be able to manage your time well. You should be able to take time for yourself, any other work and your role as one of our Playgirls in equal measure. With flexibility, you will find your role so much more enjoyable and allow yourself to truly enjoy the experience that comes with having a job with one of London’s best escort agencies.