Hertfordshire is a quaint, charming county with plenty of character and appeal, making the lovely countryside perfect for a romantic getaway. From romantic hotels to romantic restaurants, there are so many places to go on a date in Hertfordshire.

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No holiday or date is complete without a delectable and unique dining experience. The proper romantic atmosphere cultivates an environment perfect for cosying up with your partner and enjoying a perfect wine pairing with supper. When it comes to choosing a restaurant, however, there are many options to choose from—sometimes, too many. We’ve hand-selected this list of top spots for a romantic refection in Hertfordshire.


Romantic Dining in Hertfordshire

Monna Lisa

Allow your palate to venture south towards the Mediterranean and explore the rich delights of Italian cuisine. Monna Lisa has fostered the ultimate authentic Italian dining experience by combining the rustic charm of Tuscany in its decor with the rich aromas and flavours of central Italy. 

The menu is full of authentic Italian dishes sure to soothe your hunger and comfort your soul. We always recommend a plate of linguine allo scoglio, but other authentic favourites include spaghetti alla carbonara or cotoletta alla milanese. A plate of fluffy and creamy tiramisu is the perfect bite to share at the end of your romantic dining experience.


Storia Tring

If you are looking for a modern take and fusion of European and Mediterranean flavours, take your companion to Storia Tring. From pizza to pasta and everything in between, Storia Tring is an intimate yet casual restaurant with plenty of options for any dietary restrictions. 

We recommend ordering the chicken and tarragon salad, or the crab and prawn tagliolini pasta. 


Lavish Bar and Grill

Lavish Bar and Grill is the place to go for Mediterranean or Turkish cravings when visiting Hertfordshire. While it offers outstanding Mediterranean dishes like truffle croquettes, monkfish kebabs, and tuna tartare, Lavish Bar & Grill also offers plenty of healthy options as well as vegan and vegetarian dishes. You’ll compromise nothing with their wide array of options.


The Algarve Restaurant 

Satisfy your cravings at the Algarve Restaurant, a lovely Portuguese seafood and steakhouse eatery with a romantic and modern ambiance. We always choose the Algarvian prawns as an appetiser to share. Follow it up with seafood rice with lobster and end the dinner with the chocolate mousse—a tasty, indulgent, and rich dessert. 

In Conclusion

There you have it, our top recommendations for an amorous dining experience. From seafood to rustic Italian food, all of these establishments will satisfy your palate, impress your lovely date, and set the tone for a romantic evening ahead!