There are several benefits to hiring an escort–you can work on your social skills, boost your confidence, and enjoy the companionship of a beautiful woman. However, the stigma around hiring an escort can make it difficult to determine how you can book with one in a discreet and safe way.

When you finally find the perfect escort or East London escort agency, you may want to jump the gun and book without a second thought. However, there are, unfortunately, scam artists and those who will act in bad faith in the escorting industry. Certain public figures have hired ‘escorts’ only to have the interaction turn against them.

At Playgirls, we have provided professional companionship services for more than thirty years. We’ve perfected a system that ensures consent and respect in escort-client relationships, as well as secure and discreet bookings. When you’re seeking companionship, you deserve to do so in a safe and private manner.


Tips for Ensuring Privacy and Security

Because the escorting industry is still considered a bit taboo (despite being entirely legal in the UK), finding a private and secure way to book an escort can be a combination of daunting and challenging. 

Not all booking experiences leave you vulnerable to fraud or scams, especially if you know what to look for and what to avoid. Here is our professional list of tips and tricks for booking an escort service discreetly:


Hiring Individuals Versus Using an Agency

Legitimate agencies operate within a code of conduct and want to ensure repeat clientele who respect their companions and their business–not scare away clients for a quick buck. These agencies thoroughly vet each of their escorts, offer multiple discreet ways to pay, and provide various ways to contact them for their services.

Additionally, these agencies have privacy policies and standards that are legally enforced, unlike individuals. They have secure ways to receive payments without compromising your security or privacy, such as allowing cash payments and wire transfers in multiple currencies.


Know What to Communicate and When

When booking with an agency, you can keep your legal name private and only use an alias with your hired companion, if you wish. Some escort agencies thoroughly vet clients to ensure the safety of their escorts, but do not share or reveal the identities of clients to the public.

Before and during your booking, it is common for escorts to ask you personal questions. However, these questions shouldn’t compromise your privacy. Your hired escort should only ask questions to help you feel comfortable and cater her services to your specific needs. Do not share any banking information, social media, or other contacts with your companion.


Incall Versus Outcall Dates

‘Incall’ escorting services refer to when the client visits the escort at her home or her chosen location. This can leave you vulnerable to unsafe situations, scams, and even put you in legal hot water.

‘Outcall’ escorting services refer to when the escort meets you at your desired location. This can be a coffee shop, restaurant, or some place more private. All Playgirls escorts offer outcall services exclusively.


Keep a Low Profile Online

While it may be tempting to take photos and videos of you sharing wonderful memories with you and your escort, we advise against this. Not all escorts would like to be recorded, and having a record of your meeting can potentially compromise your privacy.

We recommend using caution when providing any personal information, such as your social media profiles, your exact place of work, or existing photos and videos of yourself and your family. 


The Bottom Line

Remember, respecting privacy and security is a two-way street. To build trust with your Playgirls companion, respect her privacy, as well. 

We recommend booking through an established, reputable agency that offers outcall services (like Playgirls), while also limiting the amount of personal information you reveal, finding a secure method of payment, and deleting any digital trace of your encounter to ensure your privacy and security.