Are you not getting what you need from the modern dating scene, or do you have an upcoming event you suddenly need a date for? In this modern age, finding fulfilling companionship can be difficult between a busy work and social life. That’s why more and more gentlemen are looking into hiring an escort for companionship.

Escort services in East London like Playgirls offer premium escort services that leave patrons coming back for more. It’s now easier than ever to find your dream woman, connect with her, and enjoy an evening of connection. 

In professional escorting agencies, ensuring the safety and security for both you and your hired companion is top priority. With a professional agency like Playgirls, you can expect privacy and discretion when hiring your escort service.

These agencies typically have a set of rules for both the clients and the escorts to follow to guarantee each other’s safety. Thankfully, these rules are fairly intuitive and easy to follow, as they all boil down to communication and respect.


How to Ensure a Consensual and Respectful Date

Paid companionship involves two consenting adults. Bear in mind that Playgirls escorts are all independent contractors, which means no two escorts offer the same services in the same way. If you want to enjoy your experience, you still must abide by the rules of respect and consensual interactions the way you would on a traditional date.

Getting blacklisted from an agency is more difficult to do than following the rules is. If you suffer from an accidental social faux-pas on your date, you likely won’t be blacklisted from an agency, especially if you correct yourself in the moment.

Here are the guidelines for conducting yourself in a respectful way during your escort booking:


Be Mindful of Your Manners

When you show respect to your escort, it sets the tone for the entire booking. Mutual respect is key in any interaction, especially with hired companionship. Think about it–when you work in any industry, you’re more likely to go the extra mile for a client who treats you well. 

To make the most out of your experience, treat your escort the way a gentleman would: open doors for her, speak to her respectfully, and do your research. Our Playgirls blog offers many posts about ways to set the tone for romance, excitement, and more for your booking.


Respect Privacy

Your Playgirls escort may ask you personal questions in order to assess your needs and give you the ultimate experience. She will not use this information for anything other than maximising your enjoyment during your date–the information you share with her or any other Playgirls staff will remain discreet.

However, you should not ask your companion personal questions. The focus of your meeting should be on your enjoyment and experience, and asking personal questions about your escort can blur professional boundaries.

Additionally, Playgirls will not contact you outside of agreed upon times to respect your discretion. Once you have finished your booking with your escort, you may only contact her again through Playgirls’ messaging and booking system.


Maintain Proper Hygiene

All of our companions practise proper hygiene and will arrive to your date freshened up. It is respectful to arrive clean and fresh, and many clients find that proper grooming before a date gives them a boost in their confidence!

We recommend bathing, shaving or styling your hair as you like, and wearing something that makes you feel your best.


When In Doubt–Ask

Consent is critically important for any interpersonal encounter. While you may have discussed services prior to the date, we encourage both clients and companions to always ask before initiating any new activities, even if they were discussed beforehand.

Asking for consent doesn’t have to break the mood, either! A few key phrases our Playgirls love to hear include:


  • “Would you like it if we _____?”
  • “How would you feel if we tried ____?”
  • “I think now is a great time for ____, what do you think?”


Remember, when you hire a professional escort, you are paying for her time. Any activities the two of you enjoy are between two consenting adults.

When both you and your companion are on the same page, you will thoroughly enjoy your time together. All it takes to have an unforgettable night is to treat one another with respect, maintain proper hygiene, respect privacy, and ask before initiating any new activities!