Escorting is a term used to describe the act of offering companionship to someone in exchange for payment. In some countries, escorting is legal and regulated, while in others, it is considered illegal and punishable by law. 


In this article, we explore the definition of escorting, the countries where escorting is legal, and take an in-depth look at the legality of escorts in Bedford and the United Kingdom as a whole.


What Is Escorting, and Is It Legal?


Escorting involves a person (an escort) providing companionship to a patron in exchange for payment. Escorts are ideal companions if you need dating ideas in Bedford, or need a date for a social or corporate event. They can be booked for an hour up to several days, depending on the needs of the client. 


Professional companions, such as escorts, typically advertise their services online using websites or apps. Clients can review a companion’s profile and make contact to arrange scheduling or booking or asking about services included.


The legal status of escorting varies from country to country. In some countries, escorting is legal and regulated, while in others, it is illegal. The law surrounding escorting can be complex with certain grey areas. Here, we’ll discuss several countries where escorting is legal.


The Netherlands


Escorting is legal and regulated in the Netherlands. Escorts must register with the Chamber of Commerce, pay taxes, and conduct regular medical check-ups. Because escorting falls under the umbrella of sex work, the Dutch government monitors and provides support to these workers as they would with any other industry. Escorts are provided the same worker’s protections as workers in other industries.




Escorting has been legal and regulated in Germany since 2002. Escorts are allowed to provide their services in Germany but must register with the local government, undergo regular health checks, and pay taxes. The industry is treated like any other business, and operators are expected to comply with health and occupational safety regulations.


New Zealand


Escorts must be eighteen years or older and registered with the state, and work from licensed establishments. Like other countries, New Zealand regulates the industry, requiring workers to undergo regular health checks and criminal background checks. The government has also provided support and resources for workers, including counselling services.




Escorts can work legally as long as they work independently and in private spaces. They are not permitted to advertise their services in public spaces.


The Law on Escorting in the United Kingdom


In the UK, escorting is recognised as offering companionship services in exchange for money and is a fully legal industry. However, there is some nuance to this. Sex work and prostitution is legal in all nations recognized in the UK aside from Northern Ireland. When the Sexual Offences Act was passed in 2003, it clarified some key factors to consider when engaging in sex work or becoming a patron of a sex worker:


  • It is unlawful in the UK to pay for sexual services from a sex worker who is forced or threatened into the industry.
  • It is illegal to engage in non-consensual sexual acts, paid for or otherwise.
  • Sexual services must not be explicitly advertised as such, including leaving cards in phone boxes or soliciting in public spaces, including approaching someone in a vehicle.
  • It is illegal to own or manage a brothel or any premises that is used by more than one person for sex work.
  • It is unlawful to have control over sex workers and the money they earn (also known as “pimping”).


Escorting is not the same as prostitution. Any sexual acts that occur during booked time with an escort must be between consenting adults and is at the discretion of all individuals involved. 


In Conclusion


Many confuse the distinction between escorts and sex workers. In some countries, the two are synonymous, but in others, they are not. By being able to work within a legal, regulated industry, escorts can work safely and have the same rights as other workers in other industries.


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