Booking an escort for the first time can be an exciting experience–you’ve heard stories about it from mates and seen romantic or exciting films about these professional companions. While booking with an escort in East London is easy through Playgirls, it’s common for first-time clients to feel more confident when booking than on the actual date.

First-time jitters can make you feel socially anxious or second-guess if you’re ready for professional companionship. However, the code of conduct for escorts encourages these women to prioritise your comfort and enjoyment. Hiring an escort for companionship should make you feel relaxed and at ease, and our professional companions are experts in client comfort.

At Playgirls, we offer multiple ways to communicate with our team and escorts, so you can set your limits, boundaries, and express your needs in a way that makes you feel the most comfortable.


Consider Your Limits and Privacy

Before booking with Playgirls, think about what specific services you want and how you would like your companion to engage with you. Some clients prefer an evening of stimulating conversation to get their mind off of stressors in their life, and some clients want an active night of exhilaration in London’s club scene.

Some things you can consider are:

  • Do you want the escort to know and use your real name on the date?
  • Do you want your escort to ask you personal questions?
  • Do you have a specific date idea in mind?
  • Would you prefer an escort to listen to you or one who can keep you entertained?


Whether you’re travelling on business or looking for companionship on a quiet Friday evening, Playgirls escorts have the versatile skill sets to accommodate your needs and boundaries. 


Escorting Services Are Diverse

Many clients utilise our services for a wide range of reasons, and not all are romantic! Some are looking for a gorgeous woman to take as their date to an event, some seek company on a lonely holiday, and others want experience with dating to build their confidence with women.


There Are Multiple Ways to Connect

We offer multiple ways to connect with Playgirls, and you can express your thoughts and expectations with our team every step of the way. We offer reception desk services from 4:00 PM to 6:00 AM. all days of the week, and you can connect with us by phone or WhatsApp to protect your privacy.

When you call, you can let our receptionist know what you’re looking for or any questions you might have. Our receptionist can guide you even if you feel like you aren’t sure what you need or what your limits are. 

If you feel overwhelmed by the process and our portfolio of gorgeous women, our receptionist can refine your search based on your needs and match you with a companion who is perfect for you. Additionally, if you feel more comfortable searching yourself, our website offers a portfolio of our available escorts based on availability (Tonight’s Girls) and area or postcode. 

When you see an escort you’re interested in, simply click on her picture and you will be taken to her profile page. There, you will find her rates, a short biography about her personality and interests, and an option to message her directly. We recommend all clients either message or call the escort they are interested in to determine if they are a suitable match in terms of services and expectations.


Make Contact Early

We know it can be easier to state your expectations or your needs over the phone or behind a screen, which is why we recommend this for all clients. Always be transparent early on, that way we can pair you with a perfect match!


It’s Okay If Things Change

If you’re in the moment and you find you’re no longer comfortable or if one of your boundaries is more flexible than you thought, communicate this with your companion. Her priority is your comfort and happiness, and in most cases, she can adapt to your needs.

We do not charge a cancellation fee if the booking is cancelled before your Playgirl is more than halfway to your location. If you have a change of heart, please reach out as soon as you can. We are happy to reschedule your booking and ensure you have a memorable experience with Playgirls!