Hiring an escort service in London is a great way to spice up your night, meet someone new, and enjoy new experiences. Escorting is legal in the UK, and for many, this is an ideal avenue for professional companionship.

Whether you need a last-minute date to an event or are looking for someone to pass the time, Playgirls escorts put your needs first. While there are many benefits to hiring an escort, such as the ability to try something new, work through social anxiety, and enjoy quality companionship, there are some things that could go wrong–especially if you’re booking a professional companion for the first time.


Potential Drawbacks

Risk of Falling for a Scam

When you book with an independent escort, you might enjoy getting to know her on a more personal level and enjoy the privacy of booking without a ‘middleman.’ However, independent escorting services can often turn out to be scams.

Some independent escorts have committed fraud or attempted to blackmail their clients. However, there is a way to minimise your risk of falling for a scam: booking through an escorting agency.

Professional escorting agencies, like Playgirls, vet their escorts thoroughly to ensure they are beautiful both inside and out. They will allow you to wire-transfer your payments, as well, so you don’t run the risk of a dangerous encounter during your booking. 


Stigma Around Escort Services

Unfortunately, escorting services often have a negative stigma around them. Some clients feel awkward or uncomfortable admitting their date is a hired escort, or worry that they will be perceived negatively by their peers for hiring companionship. Many think that hiring an escort implies some sort of deviance on their end!

However, consent and respect in escort-client relationships is at the crux of this industry. Hiring an escort isn’t the seedy, scary experience the media portrays it to be. It’s a legitimate industry that regards both the client and the escort as autonomous human beings and provides a safe space for connection.


Agency Rules

All escorting agencies will have rules that both their escorts and clients must follow. If a client violates these rules, they can be blacklisted from the agency. Thankfully, agency rules for clients aren’t secretive or counter-intuitive–as long as you pay the agreed-upon rate and treat your hired companion with respect, you won’t have to worry about being blacklisted.


The Benefits

Discreet Services

While hiring an escort is safe and offers many benefits, most escorting agencies understand the importance of discretion for their clientele. At Playgirls, we offer multiple ways to get in touch with our agency, including our website, WhatsApp, and telephone for calls and texts.

We keep your identity and personal information secure so your focus can be on enjoying your Playgirls experience. For more information, visit our Privacy Policy page on our website.


Judgment-Free Experiences

Escorts work with clientele from all walks of life–some are looking for emotional support and companionship, while others are looking to get outside of their comfort zones. 

It’s important to communicate your needs and boundaries with the escort you hire so she can customise your experience in a way that caters to you. She won’t judge you and can provide the insights and services you need to feel secure in your Playgirls experience.


Boost Your Confidence

If you struggle with confidence, particularly around women, booking time with an escort can help. Imagine walking into a crowded pub, but the most gorgeous woman there is on your arm, laughing at your every joke and gazing up at you with a twinkle in her eye. That alone is enough to make one feel like the luckiest man in the world!

In truth, confidence can be built with practice. Spending time with a lovely companion in a low-pressure, non-judgemental environment can give you the boost you need.


Excellent Companionship

Unlike dating apps, booking time with an escort ensures you get what you want and need out of a companionship experience. You choose the date, the time, the place, and the escort!

At Playgirls, we heavily vet our escorts for their personality, intellect, and physical beauty to bring you a premium experience at a cost that works for you. They are experts in the art of socialising, so you are guaranteed a night of memorable companionship.

Ready to see what your dream Playgirl has in store for you? Book with us today!